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Dance Studio

Studio Room
"The heart and soul of a dance studio is the floor." Independent of the best sound system, acres of mirrors and miles of barres, it is the floor from which everything begins. Our studio's "sprung" floor provides correct shock absorption, reduces fatigue, and significantly reduces the potential for shin splints and other common injuries. Our floor also reduces the strain from rotating and pivoting movements. Concrete floors and other solid surfaces are not desirable when it comes to a dance surface. Because they have no resilience, solid surfaces are an invitation to permanently damage growing bodies. Insufficient shock absorption causes activity related injuries to ankle and knee joints.

Dancer's Hallway
Our family oriented studio welcomes you as you enter with handmade Amish benches for our students to keep their dance bags, coats and shoes with a beautiful chandelier overhead. Our facility is also handicapped accessible along with our bathroom.

Waiting Room
Our waiting room for parents is equipped with wi-fi, cable television, magazines, comfortable seating, snacks and toys for the little ones who may be with you. Our dance floor is open with French doors so that parents are able to watch at all times or check in occasionally to see how their child is doing in class.

Newsletters are sent out to parents with important updates in our program as well as being posted on our studio bulletin board. There is no other studio as child friendly or parent friendly. Our studio combines both comfort for the parent and exceptional surroundings for the dancer to thrive.


"There truly is no other dance studio like The Spirit of Dance Studio!"

Sincerely, Natalie Baker


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